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We build brand identities & Software solutions to elevate & empower ideas to grow your Organization. We Specialize in Discovery & Strategy, Digital & Marketing Solutions for Web & Mobile Application, Creative Design, Influencers Marketing, Big Data Solutions, Social Media Marketing and Content Development of multiple media.

Our mission & Philosophy

We believe that for great “IDEAS” to succeed it requires extreme action, a team that possessed the ability to hone impeccable skill and ingenuity. It is with that core fundamental understanding that we drive our “IDEA” process to; Innovate, Develop. Engage and Accomplish winning results for our partners.


What We Do

Creative Design

Digital & Marketing Solutions

Social Media Marketing

Influencers Network

Big Data Solutions

Technology Products Development



From a single-view, transparent work model, our global team can see, follow, and CONTRIBUTE to each project from concept, development, implementation, marketing and engagement to product success.


Developing amazing technology that powers solutions…

From our inception, we have set out to accomplish two distinctive objectives: one; to make our unique capabilities and skill-sets available to businesses and individuals who need to develop their ideas into real and sustainable brands.  Two; nurture and drive our own ambitions to solve key market challenges by developing custom proprietary products to meet those challenges.
Bentley Charlemagne | Managing Partner

Qme Spotlight | Wilmington, Delaware USA | www.qmespotlight.com
Qme OM Tech | USA & INDIA | www.orangemantratech.com
Bentley: 302-218-8730 | Email: Bentleyc@myqme.com.com
Office: 877-4033-286 Email: Sales@myqme.com
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Qme Business Ecosystem | The HUB at 1201 Orange St., 7th Floor, Wilmington, Delaware USA