Frequently Asked Questions

QmeSpotlight FAQ's

Q. What is a Qme Spotligjht?


QmeBiz Spotlight is a custom online application that makes creating a single focus Spotlight for anything as easy as editing a document.

With Spotlight, you can quickly gather and track a variety of information that would ordinary live in different places in one place. Aggregate your relevant brand content using Spotlight to keep followers engage with the information they want to know about from a single place  - include videos, Audio, Related Blogs /press releases, reviews, track your Spotlight analytics performance in real time, embed to your social to share with the world.


Q. How do I get started on


You can set up a FREE account and instantly connect with your entire social network from one single location now at

Q. How do I create content on QmeSpotlight?


After logging on to the site, click on “Media & Blogs” in your profile. Here, you can add photos, blogs, press releases, videos, audio (songs), and more.

Q. Can I have a Qmebiz marketing expert create my Spotlight for me?


Yes! If you don’t have the time or would simply want our team of professionals to help you develop and manage your marketing Spotlight, we  are glad to work with you.

Our team of experts provide services including but not limited to:

  • Qme custom portal Development
  • Qme Marketing Content Development and Strategy
  • Qme Campaign Development
  • QMunity News by Member Zip Code and Classified Ads
  • Qme Marketing Services
  • Interactive Technology and Web Development
  • Product branding Development

Q. Why is QmeSpotlight unique?

A.  is the only  business platform who lets its members share relevant content via a trackable  Spotlight interface from one, convenient hub.

Q. Why should I use QmeSpotllight?


At QmeSpotlight, you can access a one-stop-hub for all of your social-media activities, network with thousands of users, get relevant, local content you won’t see elsewhere, promote your brand, and lots more.

Q. Will my Spotlight come up on internet searches?


Yes!  Spotlights are crawled just like web pages and should show up in search results 48 to 72 hours after going live on Qmespotlight. However, if you want faster and targeted results you can always add SEO marketing to your individual QmeSpotlight similar to a website.  


Q. What does Qme mean?


As a child, Qmebiz and QmeSpotlight Founder, Bentley Charlemagne, often used the term, "I'm Q'd in" with his friends – meaning that they wanted to know first what was going on in order to take action. And according to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, “cued in,” refers to “giving a prompt or signal to begin a specific speech or action.” 

When founding the new business, Bentley felt that this term from his youth would make the perfect name, and he shortened it to “Qme.” With and, you get the personalized information you need to be “cued in” and take action right away!

Q. Who can see my Spotlight?


Towards the bottom of the Qme Spotlight Form is a box that says “Total Estimated Reach” of your network and by relevant interest. This is the number of people on QmeSpotlight who will see your “Spotlight” instantly when you launch a “QmeSpotlight”. Your social media can also see your Spotlight if you have connected your social or you can choose to share it on your own terms.

Q. How quickly does my Spotlight go live?


As soon as you fill in all the necessary fields and choose your Spotlight package, it goes live.  If you are having issues publishing your Spotlight, make sure that you have completed all required fields. If trouble continues feel free to contact us for support.

Q. What is the QMunity?


Most news media do not cover all of the real-time information that is important to residents of a specific zip code. Plus, there is often a charge to access local news, events, classified ads, job listings, and more.

With the QMunity, members are the reporters. Here, anyone can post information relevant to one of 44,000 zip does in the United States (where they live) or discover more about a certain region of the country for FREE including:

• All local gatherings and events – no matter how small.

• Missing persons, break-ins, fires, gun shots, theft, and other, suspicious activities.

• Classified ads for real estate, business/medical services, garage/estate/yard sales, job listings, etc.

• Hazardous road conditions, traffic, construction notices, school closings, accidents, and much more.

Non-local, myQme members can also view the local information to learn more about a specific area in regards to:

• Relocation

• Housing prices

• Employment

• Local trends and culture

• Business marketing

• Crime reports, and more.

At QMunity, local residents have control. Just click on the “QMunity News” button to find out more.

Q. Can I change or edit my Spotlight after it launches?


Yes, you will have the ability to edit most of the functionality on your QmeSpotlight after it is launched. QmeSpotlight encourages user to tweak information on their Spotlight based on the feedback they get from users to stay current.

Q. How do I change the information on My Profile?


Simple! After you log into your account, simply click on the “Edit my profile” button on the left side of the screen. Make your changes and click “Save Settings.” That’s it!

Q. Can I send posts, information, and activities to other social sites, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from QmeSpotlight?


Yes! You can easily create and share content, photos, videos, jingles, contests, campaigns, and more right from your QmeSpotlight profile page. Just write a message or open the content you want to share and press the “Share!” button.

Q. What is Relevant News?


Relevant news is Spotlights, blog feed of blog posts made in QmeSpotlight by other members tailored to your interests and skills. What you see in relevant news is based on the interests and skills you chose when you completed your profile. You can always make changes to your interest and skills as you wish.

Q. How do I contact QmeSpotlight for help?


Our team is ready with answers! Simply contact us at


Q. Can I block certain users from seeing my Spotlight?


This functionality is not yet available.  If this is something you would like us to do for you, email us and we will work it into our future updates.

Q. Can I add hyperlinks in the Spotlight Description?


This functionality is not yet available.  If this is something you would like us to do for you, email us and we will work it into our future updates.

Q. When I try to Select a Category for my Spotlight, none of the options on the list apply to me?


Email us and we will add your category (or a relevant match) to the system database list.

Q. Can I enable images that I uploaded to click through to a specific product or service on my storefront?


This functionality is not yet available.  If this is something you would like us to do for you, email us and we will work it into our future updates.

Q. How do I select a Create Press Release?


Click “Account” in the upper right hand corner of our site and from the drop box, select “Edit Profile” or “Add Media” to access functions to add a press release, blog, images, video and audio. Select “My Press Release”.  A new page will appear (My Blog/ Press Release). Select “Create a Press Release”.  Enter what content you would like the Press Release to display and click “Save Press Release” at the bottom.  

Q. How do I select a create Blog Posts?


Click “Account” in the upper right hand corner of our site and from the drop box, select “Edit Profile” or “Add Media” to access functions to add a blog, press release, images, video and audio. Select “create Bog”.  A new page will appear (My Blog/ My Blog settings). Select “Create a “Blog”.  Enter your blog and click “Save Blog” at the bottom. 

Q. What happens when someone clicks the Follow


Anyone who clicks “Follow” on your Spotlight will be able to keep track of your Spotlight for future reference.  “Follow” acts as a bookmark - allowing users to keep track of multiple Spotlights that take their interest.

Q. How much does it cost to hire a QmeBiz marketing expert to help me with my Spotlight?


It’s difficult to price out the services you need because each Spotlight is different and can be customized to each client needs.  The best way for us to help you is for you to email us what you would like to accomplish with your Spotlight.  Once we have an understanding of what your goals are, we can outline what we can do for you and include price ranges for those services.