Our Lead Solutions team has spent over 30 plus years working in the construction industry. Day in and out we learn and experience what works. It is with this in depth level of access we are able to continuously make improvements that improves safety, efficiency and reduce the hazardous impact in the construction trade resulting in a positive trickledown effect for the entire ecosystem.  


With a deep understanding of the construction industry, we are able to translate the things we learn into  product innovation. Making useful tools for our market vertical.


From conceptual to innovation development all the way to manufacturing, we control and drive the entire process to ensure the MoorWay line of products delivers what it says it can. We are people from the industry developing tools for the industry!    


  • Roller Nap Washing Machine - Sold Out

    Tough industrial design 90mil thick bucket and lid with a stainless steel shaft developed for daily rugged use. Fully self contained machine no external cleanup needed. A drill is required not included. Cleans 9" rollers up to 4 in 5 minutes.
  • Pro Addition Paint Brush

    Crafted high quality polyester nylon brush and copper ferrule with wood handle polished with a painters touch in mind. Package in our Glove Box made of 60mil plastic. Hook it, clip it to yourself, bucket or ladder. Stores your brush and designed with an airtight seal to keep even wet brushes preserved for weeks. Purchase Detail: Pro Addition Paint Brush – comes with 2 comfy grips, a brush and a paint brush glove box.
  • Paint ID - Sold Out

    Engineered of transparent plastic meticulously designed to keep paint sealed inside its can. The lid is made of 80mil flexible plastic for added durability allows colors to appear in its window while maintaining its integrity with an air or paint leak tight seal.
  • Paint Brush Glove Box

    Paint Brush Glove Box Durable 60mil plastic packaging and storage box for paint brushes. Hook it, clip it to yourself, bucket or ladder. Stores your brush and designed with an airtight seal to keep even wet brushes preserved for weeks.
  • EZ Drywall Blowout Patch (2 Pack)

    EZ Drywall Blowout Patch Our patch is made of drywall yes real drywall. It's completely squared with tough metal braces at two ends to Keep the patch from caving in like widely used metal patches. Comes with mesh tape for easy finishing with compound. No hammers, screws or nails required. Purchase Detail: EZ Drywall Blow Out Patch 4” – comes with 2, 4” blow out patches
  • Comfy Grip

    Comfy Grip Made of 30 density foam that fits to the contour of all paint brush handle types. Designed to adjust to a painters hand allowing for a longer lasting comfortable grip. Washes up with your paint brush. Purchase Detail: The Comfy Grip – comes with 2 large and 2 small comfy grips.
  • 5-Gallon Bucket Stabilizer - Sold Out

    5-Gallon Bucket Stabilizer Made of industrial grade stainless steel that clamps to the buckets base stabilizing it in place. Has two feet plates for added control and stabilization. Eliminates spinning and slipping with its rubber inside lining.

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